¡@The great result had been achieved for the national exam of certified dental technician in 2016. The pass rate has been up to 96.5%, two times higher than the national average achievement. The achievement includes the first, third and fifth place in grade, half of top 20 and 22 of top 50 in rank. The overall performance is best among the polytechnics and the universities of technology.

    The department began to organize Professional and Technical Senior Examination dental technician examinations in 2010. The passing rate of graduates is exceeds that of the national average each year, with graduates achieving a national second place in 2010 and winning the top three national examination spots in 2013. Besides, In 2014, for a consecutive year students obtained second and third place nationally. In 2015, The Senior Qualification Examination for Professional and Technical Personnel in the Dental Technician, Our student's pass rate has reached 96%.


No. Honorary Title Student Name Awards
1 Asia Student Dental Ceramics Contest 2016 Wang Jing Wei Champion
2 Taiwan tooth carving competition 2016 ¡@ First, second, third and fourth.
3 Taiwan tooth wax-up competition 2016 ¡@

Champion, The third place, An excellent work(3 students)

4 3D Scanning Application Competition 2016 ¡@ Superiority



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