Educational Objectives and features

Department of Dental Technology of SZMC is the first department in southern Taiwan that cultivates professional denture and orthodontic devices designers, and production personnel. Recruits are graduates from junior high school who undertake the five years program and provides a two years program to dental technological staff.

Based on the essence of technical and vocational education, in order to improve operating techniques as a major educational policy. Also by having technological exchanges with dental hospitals and dental technological laboratories to increase practical experience, ensures students are immediately employable.

We had dental professional teacher team at SZMC. Because of teachers background of education include dentists, dental technologist and doctors of materials engineering. Also, They have a wealth of knowledge, clinical technology and industry-university cooperation experience in the field of dentistry. Our teacher ratio of assistant professor was compared favorably with university or university technology. It is more than 6 % and regulations of the college technology or the Ministry of Education. In addition to engage the dentists with extensive practical experience in the industry, relevant industry expertise and correction of production managers and dental (orthodontics, prostheses) professionals as part-time teachers.



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