The Department of Optometry was established in 1982 as the first optometry program in Taiwan. It has since grown to become a pillar of its industry and the largest program in the country. The department was founded opon the mandate of improving vision care in all parts of Taiwan and has consistently produce highly skilled, professional optometrists from its training program.

The Department has been selected by the government to receive large subsidies to ensure the most advanced training facilities and for this reason, Shu Zen offers its students training in the largest and most well equip facilities in the country. The falculty consists of leading experts and educators in the field who provide a strong scientific knowledge base, teaching of the most advanced techniques and guidance over clinical practice.

Shu Zen has established extremely strong industry ties to prepare our students for the workforce. In particular, its partnership with Formosa Optical Co. and Kobayashi Optical Co., the largest two optometry franchises in Taiwan, offers students various internship opportunities,  lectures from industry experts, and a true understanding of the ever changing job market.

The department is also dedicated to serving the local community and has various vision care outreach programs throughout ther year, staying true to the school's motto of "give back to society and help shape our future".

Curriculum Design

Year 1: Basic Sciences, English, Mathematics, Humanities, and Fine Art

Year 2: Basic courses in Medicine and Vision Science

Year 3: Physiological Optics, Refraction, Ophthalmic Dispensing and Contact Lens courses

Year 4: Clinical Optometry Courses and Hospital Intership

Year 5: Optical Store Internship, Low Vision, and Binocular Vision Courses

Teaching Facilities

The facilities receive annual subsidies from the government, allowing the department to set-up the most advanced and comprehensive facilities in Taiwan:

Departmental Achievements