The Department of

               Early Childhood Care and Education



  Our department was founded in 2001.We offer a channel for those vocational schools and interested in the study of early childhood care and education in our school. We offer them with 2 year curriculum of technology in the field of early childhood care and education. At the present time, we have 2-year daytime program, 2-year in-service night program.

1.To educate students with infants and young children's nursing  knowledge.

2.To give a comprehensive experience both in theories and practical affairs forpre-
   service workers in the field of early childhood care and education.

3.To cultivate professional spirit andvocational virtue.

Instructional Facilities

  Our department has quite new and sound instructional facilities. We  have classrooms of mother/ baby care, teaching material, children’s activity, keyboard, children’s movement and sensory inegration.

Future prospect

  To create relative curriculum, to assist the system of certification for placement. to establish a nursery, to offer community services and to increase the places for students' practical operatiom.






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