The Chairman of the Board

Mr . Lin Chio-Chia's Remarks

The original idea to initiate this school was inspired by my mentor in Taiwan Normal University, Professor Tsai Tung Ching . He once taught me, "Do something that few people would do yet will benefit the society ." I keep his words in mind . Therefore, to separate dispensing from prescribing and to equally distribute medical . Resources between urban and rural places has become my ideals for a perfect school . These have been realized by local elites, my wife and me .



After 36 years of dedication and improvement, our school has become one of the modernized and energetic learning environments . Our school has become one of the best school with modern building, lively campus, diligent students and well-equipped facilities . It symbolizes that our college is moving forward to the new era . With the efforts from all the departments, including our continuous and extensive education programs offered in different cities, we aim to educate  professional personnel as our priority . After observing other schools overseas, I believe a perfect learning environment should include modern facilities and excellent faculty with virtues .

Till now, the number of our alumni has exceeded 20,000 . Our alumni not only carry out my ideas for the school but also become most important figures in our society . Our school is moving forward with all the efforts to a modern university .





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