The Department of Information Managemen


  Our Department was approved by the Ministry of Education in the year of 2001, for the purpose to meet the need for development of technology of our country as well as to cultivate scientific workers for the international technological production.  We are teaching the theories and practical affairs of information technology. Our aim is to educate student to be a modern specialist of management with sound character and good quality.


 Instructional Objectives

   To educate students to be experts with professional computer skills and management.

Curricular Contents

  The curriculum design of our department place emphasis in information and management, especially with practical and professional contents Information: The Fundamentals of Computer, Applied Computer Skills, Programming, Internet. Management: Professional Medical Studies, Enterprise Management, Informational Management.

Teachers and Facilities

  Our teachers are having master or doctor degrees from graduate schools of Universities in Taiwan or other countries. We have sufficient faculties in information, communication, computer classroom, classroom of media information data.

Further Studies or Placement

  We assist our students to pass their examination for the 2nd or 3rd level technical certificates, or other related technical certificates.
Further Studies :
Institutes of Technology, Universities both in Taiwan and other countries.
To be an operator in information system, manger, systematic analyst, information and internet operators, software designers, high-tech business owner.



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