Night School

The Night School of SZMC provides Nursing,and Early Childhood Care Education. Special on the job training education programs of Physical Therapy,Optometry are also available.

Development Objectives

  1. To provide opportunities for on the job training education programs in relative fields from the global perspective.

  2. To offer flexible education programs that will meet the requirements of upgrading our college.

  3. To establish the Night School programs for both the Department of Applied Foreign Language and the Department of Information Management in the near

  4. To improve knowledge ofour graduates and prepare them to bc competitive in their profession field.

  Future Prospect

   To meet the demands of continuous education policties and to upgrade the qualities of faculty member in the fields of Medicine,Bio-technology,and Management,we offer opportunities of continuous education for staff in the flelds of Nursing,Optometry,Ear1y Childhood Care.This will not only help the improvement of the graduates,but also strengthen the overall quality of their service in the relative fields.







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