Office of Technolohy Cooperation

The office was originally called "The Practice &Career Counseling Office",which was responsible for students' practice and career counseling. In order to foster the development of the academic research also to provide a good research environment,our office was

combined with the former "SchoolDevelopment Center,,and renamed as the Office of Technology Cooperation History on August 1,2004.In addition to the original work,we have added research development,indust η &school cooperation and inter-school kague to ourjob descriptions.


1.Job Descriptions

Our office is consisted of three sections.The Student Practice Section,the Career Counseling Section and the Research Development Section.The Student Practice Section and Career Counseling Section are mainly responsible for promoting students'practice affairs according to the various practice plans designed by each department.We hope to negotiate with all the offices,departments,centers and the evening school to help promote the current students,career planning counseling and graduates,job-seeking counseling and tracking jobs-Research Development  Section,Setting up and revising the school's academic development directions and the regulations of the related affairs.


2.Development Objectives

  1. Students Practice Section;A.Providing students with excellent practice environments. B.Establishing good cooperation partnership with industries and other schools.

  2. Career Counseling SectionA.Collecting all the possible employment opportunities for students. B.Holding various career counseling workshops or seminars.

  3. Research Development SectionA.Promoting teachers' involving in all kinds of research projects.B.Promoting all departments to organize research teams and applying for the overall kind of research plan.


3.Future Perspective

Promoting efficiency,elevating students' practice and employment service qualitles, encouraging and promoting the number of research projects.



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