The Department of Optometry

   The department of optometry started in 1981 and was originally called the department of medical technical optics. In 2000, as our school was formally upgraded to Shu-Zen Junior College of Medicine and Management, the department name changed to the current one accordingly.

  The department of Optometry can offer several different programs including a two year program , a five year program with day and night sessions, continue education and a two year program specifically for full-time employee, which will suit the demands of different graduate levels. After completing the optometry programs, students can devote themselves into the optical field, as quickly as they want!

Our educational objectives include

  1. To cultivate a group of professional opticians. Applying optical theories into hands on practices and utilizing resources from both the industry and academic.

  2. Enable students to operate a variety of refraction equipments skillfully with enriched professional knowledge. The purpose of our goal is to build a solid background for students future career and contiming academic studying.

  3. Go Cultivate lens grinding skills as well as to raise the passing rate of lens fabrication technician certification.

  4. To offer internship opportunities for students to practice their skills in the industry and ophthalmic clinics/hospitals so they will be better prepare for their career.

Teaching Facility

  Our department is one of the focused departments to receive major government subsidy, we received about ten million NT dollars in 2001. There are basic refracting room, advanced refracting room, optical laboratory, contact lens laboratory room, lens fabrication room, lens dispensing room, multimedia seminar room and all different kinds of teaching facilities. Its comprehensiveness could be ranked number one among three schools with department of optometry.

Future Goal

  Our immediate goal is to set up a professional spectacle lens fabrication room as to train students with grinding skills. By so doing the passing rate for lens fabrication certification will be improved. Furthermore we will work with the industry to provide advancement options for students in order to improve the service quality within the field of optometry.


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