Center Of General Education


  SZMC Center Of General Education was established in 2002. Its major obligation is to enter the job market and also to prepare students to provide all students knowledge, skills, and experience that will enable them to fit this complex and rapidly changing world. In other words, general education courses will help students become" educated" not just "trained."

  The general education is intended to provide students with the capacity for continuous learning, to help them create a more meaningful personal life, and to enable them to become more responsible and effective members of society. These primary goals are:

  1. To provide the student with opportunities to develop the knowledge, attitudes, understandings and skills necessary for responsible citizenship in a democratic society.

  2. To help the student understand the social, political and economic problems of our society at local, national and international levels.

  3. To foster an understanding and appreciation of the scientific method and the importance of science in our technological world.

  4. To encourage commitment to personal accountability and responsibility.

  5. To develop effective verbal, written, aural and visual communication.

   The center is consist of one director and many teachers. The director who is appointed by president charges the administration of general education and acts as an Executive Secretary of General Education Committee on campus. Besides, the center offers appropriate courses for students to learn the core and distribution curricula. Students should consult with their advisers and select general education courses from the lists approved by their departments and College General Education Committee.



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