The center was established in June 2002, as a "Center of General Education". It currently is number one amongst all nursing schools in Taiwan.
The center's curriculum is designed to provide a high standard of Education for all students enrolled in SZMC. In 2013, the International Leadership Program was established, dedicated to developing the communication skills of students from all departments. The aim of the program is to develop potential leaders for their selected fields of employment in the future.
Vision and Objective

The purpose of the General Education Center is to focus on education as a whole, and strives to develop talents both skilfully and ethically. Through General Education and the related activities, students can acquire foundational academic knowledge and practical capabilities, readily equipped with civic consciousness and cultural dispositions.

The vision of the center is to ensure all graduates have a sense of professionalism, complete, and well-rounded knowledge, with a high standard of ethics, and moral responsibility.
Curriculum Planning
The center's curriculum is divided into several groups: The core group, Literature, history, philosophy, fine arts, social sciences, natural science and life science. Shu Zen was the first college to adopt this system, to have a complete and organised General Education Curriculum, which has more than one third of the overall credits for graduation.
Features and Development
Key Curriculum can be applied to professional fields such as nursing and administration, thus graduates are able to become leaders and role models in society. Through the cultivation of English Proficiency students are able to become more global in outlook and reach. Developing critical thinking is a principle focus for the center.


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