Shu Zen Junior College of Medicine and Management

Multi-purpose Activity Center


It covers 4,650 square meters.

Construction lasted 646 days.

It combines the newest management philosophy of SZMC.

It was designed by renowned architect, Zhang Ma Long (漢語拼音).

It is a visual focus towering amongst the trees.

It is a sustainable platform for multi-purpose use.

It is SZMC’s Multi-purpose Activity Center.


Education requires progression, and with the inauguration of SZMC’s Multi-purpose Activity Center, the year of 2016 is an age of transformation and innovation.




The Multi-purpose Activity Center focuses on both spaciousness and friendliness. The Center is surrounded in a luscious backdrop of trees. With its unique design concept, the Center has become the visual focus of the entire campus and a symbol of lifelong learning in Luzhu District.






The main concept of the multi-purpose Activity Center lays emphasis on sustainability, as the exterior of the building is energy efficient. Also, the external white-color design, not only has a bright visual effect, but also enhances the reflectivity of sunlight, and heat insulation. The sleek aerodynamic design offers good ventilation in summer and in winter it serves as a warm activity space. Added to this, the building is equipped with a better visual awareness so that blind spots can be avoided, and so reinforces environmental security.




The Multi-purpose Activity Center is composed of a main stadium, community space, sports hall, orchestra practice room, recreation areas, an audio-visual room, exhibition site and lounges. The main hall in particular, which can accommodate 2000 people, can be used for such grand events as school anniversaries and graduation ceremonies. What’s more, it is an excellent venue for performing arts, exhibitions and entertainments.




In addition to providing a wide range of sports venues, the Shu-Zen Multi-Purpose Activity Center is committed to providing a wide range of activities, and programs to promote the development of art education programs. The school is able to offer teachers, students, and the local community a centre of communications. It will continue to play to its advantage, to help and aid the vision of lifelong learning.


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