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Educational Prospects

The idea putting up a school came into my mind when Professor Tung-chin Tsai, my mentor in Taiwan Normal University, inspired me with his motto “Do something that few people would do, yet will benefit the society. ” I kept his words in mind and set my goal to establish a school with specialization in the medical field. The ultimate goal is to equalize the disparity of medical resources between the municipal and the rural areas. 

After more then30 years of dedication and in improvement, my dream was finally realized. Our school has become one of the best in the county in 2004. It has modern building, beautiful campus, and well-equipped rooms. The new building is equipped even better, with a multi-functional swimming pool on site as well.
The school is fast progressing and able to develop professionals to the best of its ability. Many professors are hired and have been encouraged to conduct researches particularly on how to improve teaching quality. Furthermore, they are also aiming to improve teaching quality as well as to promote industry cooperation and international academic exchange. Now the SZMC is qualified to upgrade into a technological university.

Now the SZMC has more than 20000 alumni. They are the elites of the society and still follow the school motto of “be generous to everyone and setting your goal for virtue cultivation”. Our school is aiming to become a technological university. You are a part of this long-awaited dream. Let us work hand-in-hand for it to be realized soon.


Qualification and Experience

  1. Bachelor of Biology, National Taiwan Normal University .
  2. Teacher of The National Gong-shan Agriculture School, Kaohsiung Commerce School, Kaohsiung Girls High School .
  3. Founder and president of the Shu-Zen Junior College of Medicine and Management.
  4. Associate of the R.O.C. Associate of Private Education and Training.
  5. 2001 Outstanding Alumni Award of the National Taiwan Normal University.

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