Educational Spotlight

Shu Zen Junior College of Management and Medicine was created by Mr. Chaw-Chia Lin over 46 years ago. Since then, the College has undergone numerous changes, including relocation of the College where it has modern buildings, a beautiful campus, with modern and well equipped labs and classrooms. The College has been the biggest junior college in Taiwan since 2014, which consists of 11 departments offering hands-on training in clinical, language and managerial areas. As a result, Shu Zen graduates are immediate assets to Taiwanese society.
  • Department of Nursing
    The Department of Nursing was established in 1971 with a five year program for regular daytime classes. Currently it is the biggest department in the College. The department has installed state of the art equipment to give students an excellent studying and training environment. These facilities are currently used in medical centers and hospitals. In order to provide a thorough nurse training program, students are required to undertake a clinical practice in hospitals, after completion of essential nurse courses in the College. Students learn through practical as well as theoretical training.
  • The pass rate of national nurse license has been growing rapidly in recent years, from 55% in 2000 to 92% in 2015.
  • The number of students who entered the Top 100 Honour List in the national nursing examination has increased from 1 to 6 over the past 5 years.
  • 100% of students are fully qualified, readily available to enter the work place.
  • Students are trained to increase their English proficiency and are encouraged to take international language certificates such as TOEIC.
  • High levels of collaboration between the department and hospitals in Taiwan.
  • Students undertake a-year long on-site internship in various medical affiliations.
  • The department has much international collaboration with institutions such as McGill University in Canada and Thai Nguyen University in Vietnam, which gives precious opportunities to students.
  • Department of Physical Therapy
    The Department of Physical Therapy was established in 1981 to provide Taiwan with qualified and dedicated Physical Therapists. The department boasts Professional teaching faculties and practical learning courses including orthopedic, neurologic, cardiopulmonary, and pediatric physical therapy training.
  • Brilliant outcomes beyond other technical colleges as shown in civil service examinations for certified physical therapists.
  • One-year clinical training in professional teaching hospitals and diverse advanced fields including sports, long-term care, or assistive technology provided by clinical physical therapist offer students opportunities to obtain employment upon graduations.
  • Establishment of clinical programs through co-operations with international companies to assist students to obtain international licenses.
  • Department of Optometry
    The Department of Optometry was established in 1979, which was the first of its kind among junior colleges in Taiwan. The department has many specialized classrooms such as lens workshops and consultation rooms. The department’s goal is to train students to a professional standard, to help those with impaired vision to live comfortably.
  • It was the first optometry department in Taiwan.
  • Students are trained to specialise in many fields within the industry and thus can work straight in the industry upon graduation.
  • Students have received a number of national awards in related Optometry competitions, winning Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in Professional Short Film, Photography, and Assistive Technology competition held by the Occupational Therapy Association.
  • Department of Information Management
    The Department of Information Management was established in 2000. This department focuses on management and technical training in order to cultivate students’ ability to analyse, design, and implement their profession. We actively foster students' information technology service skills, strategic support skills and theories, enterprise re-engineering, e-commerce, knowledge management and inter-organizational information management.
  • 100% of students graduate with a pass in Level B Technician certification.
  • Instruct students to understand modern IT concepts such as e-commerce and inter-organizational information.
  • Early Childhood Care and Educatio
    The department was established in 2001. Students are trained to become kindergarten teachers or daycare center specialists. The faculty is all trained as early education specialists to offer students the best training.
  • Purpose-built facility is dedicated to early childhood education such as health care room and multi-purpose training center.
  • Pass rate for child care certification is 90%.
  • The department offers international internship and strong collaborations with Global Edu Hub in Singapore, including 14 different subgroups of child care institutes, such as Alphabet Playhouse, Mulberry preschool and Gloobaloo.
  • Department of Applied English
    The Department has qualified faculty and well-designed curriculum. The department has a wide range of resources from multi-media labs, books, facilities, cultural exchange programs with various overseas institutions, and teaching techniques. The department is dedicated to cultivating national language professionals with global perspectives. It is also responsible for promoting English education to all the students in the college and organizing language proficiency tests.
  • Students graduate with professional and language proficiency certificates. With a 100% pass rates for English certification.
  • Students benefit from internships with national and international professional organisations. We work with 5 star hotels and large commercial companies to ensure our students get to put theoretical practice into practical application.
  • Annual cultural exchanges with Canada offer students the chance to communicate in English in real life settings, granted through a partnership with Surrey Schools District Canada.
  • International Collaborations with Canada and France, help students benefit from different cultural perspectives and experience different educational instruction.
  • An outreach program helps our students to help and benefit the local community.
  • We hold free Aboriginal Camps with summer and winter camps for local children.
  • The annual summer camp is a precious opportunity for Canadian undergraduates to come and teach elementary students in our college, paid through a scholarship. We have granted opportunities to students from institutions such as: the University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, and McGill University.
  • Department of Applied Japanese
    The Department was created when the Department of Applied Foreign Languages split to create the two departments of Applied English and Japanese. The Japanese department has a wide range of resources and has two dedicated classrooms for the teaching of Japanese. The department has international links with colleges and universities in Japan. It is also very active in forming cultural links and strengthening exchange programs with its sister institutions. The number of students who have studied in sister colleges and universities increased to 14 in 2016.
  • Students are required to undertake and pass Japanese language and Professional tests. With the majority of students graduating with multiple language and professional skills.
  • All teachers have studied and graduated from educational institutions in Japan.
  • The Department has strong ties with many Japanese companies and is able to offer.
  • Students’ international and national internships.
  • An outreach program helps students to connect with the local community.
  • Winter and summer camps are held to benefit children and teenagers from the local community.
  • The Department of Medical Imaging and Radiology
    Our department is the only Junior College for training medical radiologists in Taiwan. The department is able to guarantee that graduates are fully trained and qualified for the career path of their choice, as skilled professionals.
  • The pass rate of national radiologist license has been growing in recent years, from 17% in 2011 to 58% in 2015, higher than the national average of 43%.
  • The department encourages students to obtain certificates as issued by the International Accreditation Board for Specialised Radiological Technologist. There have been 2 students who received Certificates of Specialised Radiological Technology, in CT Specialist Qualification.
  • The number of students who are qualified to continue graduate studies has increased.
  • The department focuses on a wide range of radiology aspects such as radiology techniques and imaging.
  • The department has state-of- the- art equipment including radiology instrumentation and an X-ray room.
  • The department specialises in the area of Diagnostic Radiology, Ultrasound (including GI system, Urinary system, and fetal ultrasound), Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine.
  • The department also has international exchange programs with various institutions around the world.
  • Department of Dental Technology
    The department was established in 2006. The department focuses on dental laboratory technology, with students having access to workshops and course specific classrooms. The department has state of the art equipment to ensure students have the best training possible.
  • The department has strong collaborations with international institutions.
  • Students upon completion of their studies are readily employable.
  • 92% of graduates are registered as certified dental technicians.
  • There are over 100 dental labs that we collaborate with to give students the best opportunities.
  • The Department of Occupational Therapy
    The department of Occupational Therapy, founded in 2008, is the only 5-year Occupational Therapy program within the junior college system in Taiwan. Students are able to graduate with certification upon graduation as professional Occupational Therapists.
  • During the period of 2013~2015, 86 (66.28%) first-time test takers passed the Taiwan National Board of Occupational Therapist certified exam. The national average pass rate was 48.48% in 2010, whereas ours was 82.76%, higher than other national or private universities.
  • Graduates who pass the Taiwan National Board of Occupational Therapist certified exams are typically employed with an employment rate at least 90%, higher than the national average. The employment settings include hospitals, clinics, long-term care, and institutions.
  • Students are typically employed within three months of graduation, and the employment rate is also higher than the national average.
  • Students have actively participated in national occupational therapy related competitions. In the “Taiwan Occupational Therapy Association’s 2014 Professional Short Film, Photography, and Assistive Technology Competition”, our students won gold, silver and bronze medals in the student’s assistive technology group, and a silver medal in the professional short film group.
  • Faculty members endeavor to create an excellent learning environment and continue to strive to collate national funding for research and teaching.
  • Department of Health and Beauty
    Founded in 2011, the Department of Beauty and Health is the most dynamic department in the College. The 5-year program focuses on the integration of health and beauty care. Students are trained to become professionals in cosmetology, aromatherapy, skin consultation and beauty care. Furthermore, the department has established strong ties with international institutions.
  • The department runs a spa center to provide students with practical training as well as services to local communities.
  • The department boasts state of the art equipment and classrooms.
  • A new medical cosmetics training center for real life simulations.
  • Pass rate for Level B Technician certification is higher than the national average.
  • International Exchanges with Kyoto Barber & Beauty College and Jikei schools.
  • General Education Center
    It was established to provide all the students in the college a high level of education on all sorts of basic literacies. The center offers a broad spectrum of courses, from history to music, to ensure all the students graduate with good general knowledge. The department is also responsible for the elite leadership program, which selects elite students from all departments. The leadership program intends to prepare the students to become potential leaders in their future careers.
The Vision
Following the vision of the founder, “Doing something few people would do yet benefits the society, the College continues to educate and produce medical professionals. Furthermore, having the world in view, the College aims to expand its ties with international academic institutes and universities. Its international exchanges are the most thriving amongst the 5-year junior colleges in Taiwan.


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