Information Library Department


  Historical perspective

   The library and electrical information center were under Administrative Department before 2004.In 2004 academic year,both divisions were combined as Department of Information and Library.With two divisions' cooperation, Division of Library Management and Division of Electrical Infommation, information and library are integrated efficiently to serve more users.

  Job descriptions

Division of Library Management:The main mission of library is to offer a variety of services in terms of acquisition,cataloguing,collection,and circulation.In addition to this, we also provide educational workshops and reference services to students,staff and faculty.

Division of Electrical Information:The division is in charge of the management of campus network systems , administrative systems , library automation systems , and e-learning system.


Division of Library Management:The library holds over 100,000 volumes and is located on the fourth and fiften fIoor in the administration building with 1,888 square meter space. The library automation system consists of acquisition module ,cataloging module , circulation module,OPAC,and journal module.Users are able to search resources and reserve books through the Internet.

Division of Electrical Information:Each building in the campus is connected by fiber network with 1000M bandwidth.Tanet2 network has spared wire The department builds firewall and anti-virus wall to prevent vims from diffusing as well.Not only the computer labs are constructctes,There are a varirty of software for staffs and students.

Future plans:To promote the quality and quantity of our faciting,as well ac to and building faster campus network system are our goals.In the nearly future,we are planning to build up a brand new building to increase studying area,audio-visual room,equipment of multi-media production and the integration of information services and library services.






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