The Department of Applied Japanese

The Department of Applied Japanese was separated from the Department of Applied Foreign Language in 2010. In order to improve teaching effects as well as for students to explore their own interests in learning, from the first third years, students not only learn about Japanese, but also English. From the fourth year, students require to select their own majors: Business, Tourism, or Languages.


1. We improve our students’ listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation skills, so they would ecome good listeners, competent speakers, efficient readers, and accurate translators in Japanese.

2. We have programs such as testing, cultural exchanges, and studying abroad for our college students and an outreach program for our local community.

3. We design a curriculum that suits the needs of different groups of learners.

4. We emphasize interactive teacher-student relationship and promote innovative instructional methodologies.

5. We encourage teachers to actively participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences and to utilize effective teaching aids such as multi-media facilities.


Department of Applied Japanese is composed of teachers with Master’s degrees in areas related to Japanese language teaching. There are seven instructors, all of whom work full time in the department. One of them is a foreign teacher from Japan.


The facilities include three laboratories – normal language lab, multi-media language lab, and multi-functional multi-media lab. There are other language- teaching -related multi-media resources and facilities ready for use by teachers.

Besides, Department of Applied Japanese was able to put up a multi-purpose room called "Japanese Learning Garden" when SZMC became one of the few schools to receive a government subsidy for the project Enhancing Japanese Teaching."

Teachers who are on duty monitor the students who want to make use of the facilities found in this room. The room is likewise used for students who want to consult with the teacher-on-duty regarding their Japanese-related subjects.

Curriculum Design

In the language curriculum, students are given courses in Japanese necessary to develop their listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation skills. In the business curriculum, they are given courses according to their interest such as business curriculum, Japanese-teaching curriculum, tourism Japanese, business Japanese, news Japanese, marketing Japanese, and Food and Beverage Japanese.

Other Programs

In order to meet the domestic demand for human resources in international trade, business, finance, and tourism, Department of Applied Japanese has enriched its language learning program to enhance the students' language proficiency. It has a testing program where students are encouraged to take language proficiency tests to prepare them for entering the job markets or for pursuing further studies.

Moreover, Department of Applied Japanese has established students' exchange programs, studying abroad programs with schools in other countries. We also offer industrial cooperation programs, domestic and overseas students internship opportunities in Crowne Plaza Kaohsiung E-Da World and Iwasaki group in Japan.

Such programs offer more opportunities for language learning and knowing each other’s cultures. We also offer programs to help students pass Japanese certification examination, Japanese Secretarial Practice examination and International Tradecertification examination. We also host teaching demonstrations for teachers to observe each other’s teaching and academic workshops and seminars.

Career Choices

Dept. of Applied Japanese graduates can enter all sorts of job markets. They can work in the international trades, other business sectors or tourism industries. With their background in Japanese, they can become translators, interpreters, tour guides, flight attendants or secretaries and so on.


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