Founding History

Founded by Mr.Chaw-chia Lin in 1969 as Shu Zen Vocational School of Medicine located in Kaohsiung County, the name of the institution was changed to Shu Zen College of Medicine and Management in 2000, better known as Shu-Zen junior College of Medicine and Management (SZMC). This change was a practical and logical step based on the varied requirements of the Ministry of Education for a growing junior college like SZMC.


SZMC began with the Department of Pharmacy, but it was phased out a few years after. Other department, however, were opened-Nursing, Physical Therapy, Optometry, Early Childhood Care and Education, Applied English, Applied Japanese, Information Management, Occupational Therapy, and Health Beauty. There are eleven departments in SZMC. The school has a beautiful and multifunctional campus, which serves the functions of administration, teaching, living, and leisure. Furthermore, it is located in Luchu, which is close to many beautiful sight-seeing spots. SZMC is right in the club of the two freeways and the Taiwan High Speed Rail; therefore, the traffic is very convenient. In addition, after careful planning for future development, the school has built another building with swimming pools on site.


In sum, SZMC has the best teaching staff and facilities. Meanwhile, SZMC has been striving to upgrade into a technological university in the past decade


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