SZMCDT(Dental Technology)Edu.,Dept.Department of Dental Technology



  • igital Class 學習數位技能
  • National Examination 國考通過率全國第一
  • Intercultural Communication 專業技能國際交流
  • Overseas Enternship 海外專業實習
  • Digital Class 學習數位技能Digital ClassLearning for the digital technology
  • National Examination 國考通過率全國第一EexaminationNo. 1 pass rate in the country
  • Intercultural Communication 專業技能國際交流CommunicationIntercultural Communication of DT
  • Overseas Internship 海外專業實習Overseas internshipBy professional
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The department of dental technology aims to cultivate professionals who are able to skillfully make various dental prosthesis or appliances. The numbers of graduates have increased yearly up to 90%, those who have passed national exams and who have been registered as certified dental technicians in 2020.

Dental technicians

Dental technicians

Dental technicians work with a variety of materials including waxes, plastics, precious and non-precious alloys, stainless steel, a variety of porcelains and composites or polymer glass combinations. Many technicians acquire skill in the use of sophisticated instruments and equipment while performing laboratory procedures. It is important for the technician to help create tooth replacements that are both attractive and functional.



1.The department has strong collaborations with international institutions.
2.Students upon completion of their studies are readily employable.
3.90% of graduates are registered as certified dental technicians.
4.There are over 100 dental labs that we collaborate with to give students the best opportunities.

Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design

The dental technology is the accurate knowledge. The future professionals must possess the accomplishments of oral medical technology, and the art of aesthetic appreciation must be blended into it as well. Hence, for the curriculum planning, besides the course design of academic theories, we also strengthen the practical operation teaching to elevate the students’ skills of employment. In order to make a student’s way of employment or advancing to a higher school be broader, we increase the practical education of a dental assistance and the health service administration of dental department, and the basic subjects of dental materials and materials science.